SWTOR Cartel Coins

Why are we releasing it?

The Star Wars Cartel Coins Generator is the latest tool for generating and adding free Cartel Coins to your account. The reasons for which a program like this is required are obvious. The corporations are asking too much money for the online games’ purchasable goods and EA is no exception.  Many attempts has been already made in regards to free Cartel Coins hack. The requests for easy free platinum solutions started as soon as EA released game. We are proud to release generator for Star Wars Old Republic to stop this madness and give you Cartel Coins.







It’s very easy to use Star Wars Old The Old Republic Generator (CartelGen)

1) Download and start CartelGen (No installation required)
2) Enter your SWTOR username.
3) Choose the amount of Cartel Coins to add and click “Start”.
4) Wait several seconds.
5) Cartel Coins will be on your account.

Works on MAC and Windows OS!

CartelGen Status for 

Cheat is up to date.

Click download button below and follow instructions to download CartelGen

If you do not wish to download the file you can add Cartel Coins Online




  • Knugen

    June 24, 20171:29 pm Reply to Knugen

    its workin ! ! ! i cant belive it

  • Gorel3

    June 22, 20178:29 pm Reply to Gorel3

    Finally someone who is not a shithead and making people download fake stuff , thank you very much for this

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